Roy Martin Tramps and salvage

Roy Martin
17th August 2005, 16:22
Hello All

I 'served my time' with Buries Markes, first ship La Pampa in 1953; went third mate with them in 1957. Then spent five years with United Baltic 1958/63, becoming Mate. Joined Risdon Beazley's Droxford in 1964 and went into management with them in 1969 I was moved to Singapore in 1979 to take over Smit International SEA where I stayed until 1986. Since then self employed. With a friend have written a brief history of RBs which we hope to expend; am also gathering info for a similar exercise on Buries Markes 1938 to 1960. Next project UBC.

Like to hear from anyone with similar interests.


Southampton UK
PS have quite a lot about the La Pampa from launching.

17th August 2005, 17:11
Welcome to SN

17th August 2005, 19:17
Welcome Roy, hope you enjoy the site, remember RB by northam bridge in the old days.
Knew Henry B, had a small tug called "Seldomin" he looked after a number of TID's
opposite Thorny's yard on the river. Also knew Jasper B owned Fairway motors bottom of Bullar Road.

michael james
17th August 2005, 22:26
Welcome to SN Roy, hope you enjoy all that is on offer.

John Lord
14th September 2007, 15:53
Hello Roy,Spent many years as 3rd mate to Master in B.M., from 1953 to late 80,s when they closed shop.I relieved Richard Coolen as mate on La Pampa,Laabs was Master.This must have been late 50,s.
Regards,John Lord

15th September 2007, 06:39
Welcome aboard from the Philippines Roy. Enjoy all this great site has to ffer mate.

15th September 2007, 07:16

There seems little point in continuing to welcome Roy Martin to the site at this stage.
He joined in August 2005, made one post and hasn't been back since! [=P]