11th April 2004, 11:33
Brocklebank's MAHANADA (8,971 grt), pictured in the Clyde, was built in Port Glasgow in 1943 and renamed CORONA when sold to Panama in 1967

26th April 2006, 15:51
My last voyage with Brocklebanks was on the Mahanada UK-India-US-UK 1/7/1957 - 4/1/58.I posted several photos on this trip.


Tony Selman
26th April 2006, 20:04
I coasted on the Mahanada in August 1966 from Tilbury to Avonmouth to Liverpool and can still remember being immensely proud when I fixed an intermittent fault on one the receivers that had been plaguing the deep sea R/O for 2 months.
The other oddball thing I remember is that on the morning we were due to sail from Avonmouth we had about 70 tons of cargo to discharge and the C/O had the Blue Peter flown and at the end of the day we did not sail. It turned out that Avonmouth dockers hated to see the Blue Peter and regarded it as some sort of insult, or whatever, and they immediately go on a go slow. So much for British dock labour in the 60's I supose but it did mean another great night in the pubs of Bristol and another taxi back after the last bus missed - again.