St James River ?

18th August 2005, 23:33
Can anyone tell me where abouts the U.S. laid up fleets are.

Many thanks.


michael james
19th August 2005, 00:47
Dinsdale, Since 9/11 that might well be classified information.

Bruce Carson
19th August 2005, 01:17
As far as I know, there are now three lay up areas: James River, Virginia
Beaumont, Texas
Suisan Bay, California

Since that last disasterous attempt at disposing obsolete ships in England, MARAD has been contracting the demolition to domestic companies.
It looks like the days of the US off loading their toxic vessels overseas are over.
I'm guessing, but I don't think there can't be much more than 250 ships now in layup.

Bruce C.

John Rogers
19th August 2005, 01:22
The James river is very close to Newport News VA,also next to a army post called Fort Eustis,they have a large fleet of landing craft and tugs located there. When I was there it was not a secured area

19th August 2005, 01:36
There is also a sizeable collection of mothballed Navy ships at the Philadelphia Navy Yard even though the yard itself no longer functions as a navy base.

Paul UK
19th August 2005, 07:10
Any pictures available of these fleets would be great, just dont get in to trouble trying to get them.


John Rogers
19th August 2005, 13:55
I have seen many pictures while surfing the net,mostly arial shots.
Check out Goggle and see what comes up. Good Luck.

Bruce Carson
19th August 2005, 14:22
Not having a military mind, I've always have trouble with the categories, acronyms, sub categories and other assorted classifications so beloved by the military bureaucracy, but as far as I know:
The National Defense Reserve Fleet was originally composed of ships that could be activated in an emergency. I think it's now generally agreed by The Powers That Be that the fleets tied up in Virginia, Texas and California are now destined only for the knackers.
About thirty years ago another category was set up consisting of a Ready Reserve Fleet, theoretically ships that could in reality be activated quickly. As of two years ago they were:
There are probably a few misplaced inactive ships kicking around in other locations waiting to be found by a more than usually observant pencil pusher.

Bruce C.

19th August 2005, 16:34
There was a show on the History Channel last night showing some of these ships laid up in Virginia. They pointed out that while many of them are scrapped and recycled, some are used for target practice and sunk, others are actually sold to foreign governments for their navy's use. Still others are taken out of mothballs and put into service as needed by the US navy.

20th August 2005, 01:24
go to google earth (free download, another thread) and put in beaumont, texas. Laid up fleet there. Also suisun bay, california for another laid up fleet.

Alan Hill
20th August 2005, 02:26
RCHARLTON: Where do you live in the Phila area, we are probably a stone's throw away? Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

20th August 2005, 11:27
RCHARLTON: Where do you live in the Phila area, we are probably a stone's throw away? Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

Hi Alan,

I live across the river from you in Jersey. I actually live in Shamong which is in the Medford/Vincentown area not far from the intersection of Rts 70 and 206 at the Red Lion circle.


Ray Charlton

31st October 2005, 02:33
If wish to find out more about the reseve fleet you can do so via the net.
Just go to or you can type in National Defence Reserve Fleet. There are a lot of links including one of a map of the US showing the lay up areas. Also in the "Narad" site there are photos of all ships in the fleet and lists of those that are on stand by, the national held list, those stripped of anything useful and waiting to be scrapped.


Blair Lagerstedt
ex RNZN Hydrographic Branch in the 60's

26th January 2006, 22:46
i'm in north jersey...waldwick to be exact on rt 17 just north of paramus. i know you've been there as everyone in the world seems to shopping on any given saturday.

1st August 2006, 21:12
The WWII Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien is doing a cruise to the mothball fleet at Suisun Bay, CA on Aug 26. For more info on this cruise see my website
or the official website
For an inventory of the ships see the MARAD site

Eric Wallace
2nd August 2006, 04:19
The James River is correct,passed many of them on our way up toRichmond but that was years ago.I have posted a photo of them under cargoe ships

3rd September 2006, 03:37
Attached is a map of the US Reserve Fleet lay up areas. Map from MARAD web site.

Blair Lagerstedt

3rd September 2006, 08:31
A photo taken from the MARAD web site showing the James River fleet.

Blair Lagerstedt