Copyright pics by A Duncan, Kent

1st January 2018, 01:01
Good evening gents...
I must admit that I am here to ask a Q about some photographs by a Mr A Duncan, Graves End, Kent.
I was born n raised in Somerset ,England, both my parents were from Kent.Dad died a few years ago,bless him....I now live in America.
My sister shipped me a few big boxes of old cigarette cards of his, with a few interesting old postcards from like 1900....and a whole slew of Everard (not so old) unused ship postcards, by Mason
There are also about about 14 photos of old steam paddle ship, about half are stamped....
Copyright Photograph
A Duncan,14 Primrose lane, Gravesend,Kent.
All have the same really small, but beautiful handwriting on the back with notes & dates of life span..dimentions, weight ,change of ownership etc
Are these worth anything...can I legally sell them?
Just wanted to be up front and honest about my intent,,,
but they are lovely pic's
thanks for your time folks
roger b

1st January 2018, 11:55
Roger b,


Yes no problem with selling them. There are hundreds of his photos around and traded by many dealers and collectors. I have many of his photos.


1st January 2018, 15:49
thanks very much kind Sir