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5th January 2018, 20:12
When they say "post new thread" I assume you are meant to fill in this box with your details.
I am 86 years old, apprenticed to British Tanker Co from 1947 to 1950. left BTC in 1952, in 1953/54 2nd Mate various tramp ships.
1955 to 1984 working for Bowring Steamship Co/ Newgate Shipping.
Master's Certificate 1957.
Last voyage Master of m.s. Ocean Challenge in 1985 (Bermudan Flag) and then redundant when the ship was sold.

5th January 2018, 21:41
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

5th January 2018, 23:08
A big welcome from Oz to this great site. I was with BTC in 1952/53 for a few trips on my one and only tanker, 'British Caution'.



John Rogers
6th January 2018, 00:31
I sailed on the British Purpose in Jan 1950,good trip sailed from Falmouth to Texas and back to Avonmouth.

Graham Wallace
6th January 2018, 21:00
Well hello there Mr LY Davis, 86 years young ex BP Tanker Co Navigating Apprentice, you may have forgotten us, but we know of you!

You appear on a list of BP Navigating Apprentices/cadets I started in 2010, yes you are one of the early ones,but not the earliest.

Do you have any memory of the British Confidence in June 1949 and your fellow Navigating Apprentices, Hindess, Reynolds and Stephenson?

I was a 1955 BP Marine Engineering Apprentice, years your junior

I will send you a Shipsnostalgia email.

Graham Wallace

3rd March 2018, 10:19
Nice to hear from you Capt Davis.
Like Graham, I joined as an Eng App in 1955 and spent many a hilarious hour listening to the old hands who had seen service both during and after the war. Just wish I had recorded them!
The war years and the post war years must have been very tough and I believe that the BTC saw that the best way to recruit engineers was to train their own and keep them.
Congratulations on reaching a ripe age for a BTC man. You must be a tough old b*******.