Introduction/Saying Hello

Jeff Hammond
14th January 2018, 19:40
Hi all,
My name is Jeff Hammond, ex 3/O deck. Formerly Trinity House, Hull 1964-1968. Cory Maritime 4/68-3/74, Blandford Shipping (Fred Olsen) 4/75-8/75, Palm Line 2/76-11/77,Silver Line 3/78-2/82.

14th January 2018, 21:56
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer.

Ian Michael Scott
15th January 2018, 12:53
Hello Jeff.
I was at Trinity House 1963 - 1967, nothing left of the old school now!

Laurie Ridyard
15th January 2018, 15:53
Hi ! Jeff !

There's a Palm Line site on Facebook.

Get your Palm Line T shirt / polo shirt.....


Jeff Hammond
17th January 2018, 21:04
Hi Laurie, Thanks for that. Sorry couldn't reply sooner as password not being accepted on S.N, all sorted now.

Jeff Hammond
17th January 2018, 21:13
Ian Michael Scott, Hi, yes I went to the school reunion just before it closed for good. It's now a carpark but the chapel is still there.