Just to say Hello.

19th January 2018, 11:45
My name is Peter Treharne ex Electrical Engineer with Blue Funnel line.
Sailed with the Company from 1960 to 1970 and saw what some would say were the best of times.During those years did one trip 'around the world eastbound 5 times in a row of over two years duration' in what were called 'long jag ships' i.e. they did not call in at a U.K port .The one I was on was the M.V. Ascanius affectionally known as the Ashcan.If possible would love to hear from good friend 2nd Engineer Frank Devitt from the pool.Best wishes to all ex and current merchant seamen.

19th January 2018, 15:01
Welcome aboard Peter. You were a bit before my time. There are several ex-BF posters active.

20th January 2018, 00:15
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

20th January 2018, 12:31
Welcome Peter I was only in 4 blueys great company , like most of the other great British shipping company's all long gone , well at least we have our memories regards Dave .

22nd January 2018, 06:25
Welcome Peter. You were also before my time, leaving the year I joined.
I also preferred the Blue Sea Line service, round the world. My first trips there were on Laomedon, as the Ashcan had already gone back to the Liverpool services. But we didn't need to stay out two years by the 70s.
Best regards, Richard