Teenager, 20s (2/0) through Sexa to Nona via 'Sept & Oct'.

Graham the pipe
21st January 2018, 11:50
I had not paid attention to the said 'seven ages of man' ~ and I'll leave you to Googleducate yourselves as to what exactly 'they' are if you are not aware of same already ~ until a 'certain' John D Woodend advised me that a 'certain' Eric Jenkinson had 'made contact'.

Usually one says "Fast forward to" but in this instance it's "Rewind button six decades to" 1958 and a 'certain' ship called the 'Obuasi'.

Yet another happy reunion by, if not already very shortly to be, 'Triple Os' {Octogenarian Old Obuasians}. Another two, or possibly three, years and all 'Double Os' {Old Obuasians} will be so called. Norman Richardson {an SN member and OOO having done the maiden voyage on her as well as her 'maiden' as a cadet ship} can consider himself 'Headman', 'Cadet Captain' or whatever title he chooses as SOOOM {Senior OOO Member}

The following article provides a pictorial record of her 'life'.


One final 'ObservatiOn' On this 'thrOugh' the years is that I'd never realized befOre that Our 'twilight years', Our 'fall' to put it in the seas On al sense, are as the clOsing mOnths of the year namely Sept/uaggenarian/ember, Oct/ogenarian/ober, NO/nagenarian/vember. COntinuing On that lOgic, means Our Dec/lining/ember years cOuld best be classified as Our BCI Or RMC years {Bar CrOssing Imminent Reached my Centenarian years}Typ.

21st January 2018, 14:02
Great pics; esp of the launch.
That passenger accommodation was very agreeably located.