21st January 2018, 12:00
Hong Kong Jardines 1946-1965
I'm looking for people who sailed with my Father Wesley John Bartlett (Bart). He was Master on several ships and left Jardines after an incident? Ron le Royd also left at the same time?
Would love to learn what happened.
Also my Godfather Laurie C Cox of whom I was very fond and I know nothing. He was a Master in HK but I'm not sure if it was Jardines he was presented with cigarette box "For valuable service to the Royal Navy" which I have.
I hope some one can help.
Many thanks
Born HK 1950

21st January 2018, 18:22
Hi Caroline, I sailed with Bart and Laurie Cox, and know them both very well. With Bart I was on the Eastern Queen, and with Cox I was on the Chun Sang. I think I remember you when you were only three years old, together with your mum.


22nd January 2018, 08:33
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