Manchester Ship Canal odditys

22nd August 2005, 20:33
These photographs were taken on Sunday 23/08/2005.

The Gina D apparently runs to Salford from Liverpool on a regular basis. I didn't catch what cargo. Looking at the name on the stern it has been painted on a plate over another name. I can make out the letters 'YEO' at the beginning with possibly 4 or 5 letters under the plate then 'OSE'. Even the lifebelts seem to carry a different name which is not readable in the photograph.

Equally the vessel ahead of the Gina D gives food for thought. The name is 'Geminus' & there is no Port of Registry on the stern. Behind the wheelhouse there is a grey box with a number painted on it which I assume relates to the vessels identity. This I read as '231?741. (The ? being possibly a 3 or an 8).

It would be great if someone could come up with these vessel's previous histories.

Larger photo's posted in the Coasters gallery.

22nd August 2005, 20:50
Apologies a mis-type. Too much real ale hic. You are correct Dave it was the 21st and not tomorrow

22nd August 2005, 20:52
Hi Dicamus, reference the pictures here is some info,

Gina D.

Operated by KD Marine. Built 1975 by the Yorkshire Dry Dock Co of Hull ---- 507 gross tonnes.

ex Yeoman Rose, ex Island Swift, Ex Seaborne Trader.


600 ton capacity Dutch Sea Going Barge, ex port of Rotterdam, now operated by River Sea Trading on the Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal.


22nd August 2005, 21:10
Many thanks for the info Chris.

The Geminus does look an even more interesting vessel. Such a pity I couldn't get a better shot.


22nd August 2005, 21:18
Dick, more info on Geminus

m.v. Geminus, built as the Dolfijn at Oostkamp, Belgium, in 1971. With a length of 55m, beam of 7.24m and maximum draught of 2.9m, the ship has an interesting inland/sea-going capability, with an inland loading of 730 tonnes and a summer sea-going loading of 530 tonnes. Geminus has been re-engined with a six-cylinder K-19 Cummins and given a new aluminium wheelhouse. The ship is now operating as a barge working for K.D Marine on their grain traffic between Liverpool's Seaforth dock and Manchester.


22nd August 2005, 21:24

Many many thanks for that info. She is no longer a mystery ship.