Contact for Brian French anyone?

30th January 2018, 00:15
Anyone got a contact for Brian French?

I have in mind that he might have taken to the Caymans and I have friends visiting there as I trype.

A telephone number is listed in Little Cayman for Brian and Julie French but when tried they claimed to have no knowledge of any Brian there.

John Cassels
30th January 2018, 08:54
Sorry David , haven't seen him in years.

30th January 2018, 09:47
Thanks, anyway, John.

I have told my friend of him bringing Endurance Glory into pick me up at Dubai the day after the first mine blew up the crew boat at Fujairah (?) and the tug refused to go out more than 2 miles.

I have not told her of the splendid telex from Al Farabi from him after a direct lightning strike starting "BY THE LIGHT OF THE ALDIS LAMP I CAN SEE THE DF LOOPS DANGLING FROM THE MASTHEAD...."

Regrettably I now cannot find the copy that I took for myself.

Never mind, it was just and idea.

Ian Brown
9th August 2018, 20:21
Hello David.

I noticed this old post of yours concerning Captain Brian French and thought you might be interested in the attached picture I took of him and some other Denholm worthies at the bottom inspection of the Naess Endeavour at Jurong Drydock in 197?

Hope you are keeping well.

Best regards
Ian Brown

10th August 2018, 00:15
Good evening Ian.

Thanks for the effort. Interesting.

No worse is the standard reply. I trust that is the least we can say of you.

(Although I am promised a new knee in six months if I want one. Scary thought. Not decided whether to take them up on it)

David V.