Ships of the Past - Telegraph

27th March 2009, 16:10
Those of you that have been following my SHIPS OF THE PAST articles in TELEGRAPH for the last ten years may have noticed that altough it is still going, it is now written by Trevor Boult. I thought they may have said something about the changeover, but they didn't! I am not dead, I am not ill or anything like that.

I actually resigned eight months ago, but left them with eight articles that finally ran out in the March issue. The reason for my resignation was the fact that I was coming up to retirement age (65) in early 2009. I am still building models, but with all these EEC rules, as well as the world's financial troubles, I am finding it harder to sell them and am now more or less confined to the twice-yearly maritime auctions in London. As a result, I can't keep up a steady output of at least twelve model ships a year to maintain a monthly colum. In fact in this tax year ending 5th April, I have only built ten and only managed to sell three of them! I am now operating on "slow ahead" until such a time that things improve. I thought it best to make the end of the series coincide with my 65th birthday.


27th March 2009, 16:15
Sorry to hear that Bob, I always looked forward to your Ships of the Past column in the Telegraph.