23rd August 2005, 17:53
Great to hear from old shipmates, I was begining to think that Brocks was a figment of my imagination.
First ship was Marwarri and I took her to Antwerp for scrap in1963. Sailed with Brocks from !959 to 1966, my best times were on Maskeliya.
I will list all my ships later.

23rd August 2005, 18:40
Welcome to the site Trevor and all that it has to offer, you are now among the sea loving fraternity.

Marcus Cardew
23rd August 2005, 18:52
Hi Trevor,
I started as you were leaving, but did a trip on the Maskalulu's sister, the Maturata in 1968...

michael james
23rd August 2005, 23:56
Trevor, Welcome to SN and enjoy all the site has to offer.
There is a strong contingent of ex Brocklebank personnel here, I was briefly on Maskeliya in `64 and `69 both coastal. I hope you catch up with ex shipmates and look forward to your input.

24th August 2005, 21:55
Hi Marcus!
I was 3rd EO on the Maturata, in 64, deep sea and coastal, great to hear from you.