Black Seal Seismic

24th August 2005, 15:32

Anyone out there got any information on what happend to the Black Seal (Sealcraft) after she was de-rigged as a seismic boat mid-80's?


24th August 2005, 16:00
WElcome to the site loch, no doubt someone will come up with an answer, after all you are now amongst the sea loving fraternity, albiet most have left the sea physically our minds have not.

michael james
24th August 2005, 19:36
Welcome to SN Lochluichart,

Hope you enjoy the site and find an answer to your question from the honourable membership

29th August 2005, 23:24
not sure if this is the same company but i worked with a engineer about 2 years ago that sailed on the seismic vessel named black seal ?
also my father sailed on a ship called the Arctic seal (sealfleat) i believe.

31st August 2005, 14:59
Yes same company, Sealfleet.
Any info on Arctic Seal.
Other boats in the fleet were, Indian Seal, Baffin Seal, Bering Seal and Ross Seal amongst others.


31st August 2005, 21:41
i might have some photo's of her somewhere ill dig them out :)

4th September 2005, 13:48
lokked at my photos and all i got is a photo of my father basking in the sun aboard her not much of the ship showing... lol

6th October 2005, 15:53
Searching on Internet I found the Black Seal.
She is now Sky Seal and working as cargo vessel in Peurto Rico.

6th October 2005, 16:25
Ahoy Lochluichart,
Welcome aboard,
Here I found her as Sky Seal: (

7th October 2005, 08:57
Thanks, that is same site wher I found her.
I am looking through my scrapbook to find a phote I can post as acomparison.
There certainly have been some changes.


26th October 2005, 14:57
As promised I have been through my photos to find how she was.

Daniel Harris
9th June 2018, 19:36
WOW! Memories. I worked on the Bengal Seal, Coral Seal and Atlantic Seal.

9th June 2018, 20:52
I was responsible for positioning of exploration units for Shell Expro in the 80s and we used the Artcic, Baffin and Bering Seals. 3D seismic was coming in and I spent several trips on them all developing the technology.

Great boats and great people.

Daniel Harris
11th June 2018, 02:51
I worked as a mate on each. The Bengal Seal was a rig supply, the Coral Seal was chartered to Teledyne Exploration, and the Atlantic Seal was chartered to Digicon Geophysical. I will post some pics as soon as I get this site all figured out.