21st February 2018, 03:21
Hello everyone,
introducing myself. I came across this site by chance when checking on a picture shown on opening credits of Call the Midwife
which i recognized as the Dominion Monarch, (The DM) in common chat. I then came across talk of another of my old ships The RFA Retainer. I served on this during the Suez crisis (fiasco) in 56. I now have to learn how to navigate these forums and hope that there are others on board of my vintage,
cheers to all of you from Brisane.

21st February 2018, 04:33
Welcome aboard Raymond, I am sure that you will find plenty of nostalgia from your era . There is a thread section devoted to specific shipping lines and their particular ships and DM is among them.
A long shot but did you sail with engineer Hugh Martin on DM during the 59's?

Regards Bob

21st February 2018, 04:46
No, Spongebob but thanks for your message In '58 or '59 I jumped ship in Sydney and took a ringbolt to NZ, then later back to Australia as a legit. passenger. Best thing i ever did by the way. I would probably not have known any of those from below as I was a REAL seaman :-) Thanks again for the call, and when I'm over the next couple of days during which i have to get some maintenance done, I will be back to have a proper look around in here,
cheers ,

21st February 2018, 11:27
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer