Peggy on a Skin Boat.

11th April 2009, 23:31
Hi, Have a look at
May bring back a few memories.Worth a look = Mike

12th April 2009, 22:58
Thanks for the link Mike. I had the same experiences but on Blue Funnel ships.


13th April 2009, 01:16
good story,know the feeling

13th April 2009, 02:02
Interesting read indeed. Wonder if anybody ever met up with that Lamp trimmer after that.

13th April 2009, 03:02
Hi, Have a look at
May bring back a few memories.Worth a look = Mike

Thanks for that Mike. I read this some years ago and it mirrors my first trip as peggy in 1950.
My dad didn't want me to go to sea and did everything to stop me. However he eventually relented as I hadn't spoken to him for three weeks. So immediately after leaving school he took my mate Phil and myself down to the Pool where we were given our ship, both signing on as deck boys.
Most of the crowd were Maltese and they gave us a hard time, rarely speaking to us in English. We had many a belt across the head. Phil was only a little guy and took the abuse, but I would fight back, so I was given most of the dirty jobs, particularly bringing the food back from the galley in aluminium kits in heavy weather across the Biscay.
Eventually, a couple of days from home, I got into a big fight with Laurie an agressive AB, in the mess.
He was getting the better of me when I picked up a big pot of hot tea which I had spilled when bringing it back through heavy spray loosing the lid, and threw it over him.
His mates then stepped in and amazingly held him down and stopped the fight.
Expecting to be thrown overboard after the teapot lid, I was surprised to find the Maltese on my side.
I arrived home to mum and dad and dad said, "Well that has broken your back son, now I have got a real job for you."
He told me that he was a mate of Bill Henke at the Pool and had arranged for me to sail on a ship with a 'foreign crew'.
A huge argument ensued and a couple of whacks across my head was the last straw. So I picked up my kit bag, kissed mum goodbye, gave dad two fingers and slammed the door behind me.
I got a taxi down the road and off to the Pool and signed on the same ship again, much to the surprise of the crew, most of whom including Maltese Laurie were still aboard.
Well from then on I was well looked after and promoted to JOS and they went out of their way to teach me all they knew about seamanship.
It took 25 years sadly, before I could return home and forgive my dad, although I kept in touch, but all was eventually forgiven and dad and I became good mates.
Unfortunately for my mate Phil, it was his one and only trip as far as I know.

Taffy R556959