fyffes line news

13th April 2009, 10:51
hello all. i am still finding snippets on elders and fyffes .to discover what it was like for my grandfather and uncle, a came across a very good site xboats.co.uk which has the fyffes line news, scanned as pdfs, with crew lists mainly from the eighties, also news snippets i enjoyed reading them i thought it was worth telling. regards ken foster

Jim S
14th April 2009, 19:22
Address is www.bboats.co.uk not xboats.
The website was created by an engineer on Fyffes Gulf of Mexico container ships Barranca and Bayano. Hence bboats
The Fyffes News as Ken says are an interesting

Jim S
16th April 2009, 18:42
My apologies I have just heard from Brett Clark who set up the website that in addition to bboats he also has xboats as you said. It would seem that xboats was a place that he put Fyffes Line News although they are also to be found in bboats.