Greetings from aircrewremembered

12th March 2018, 19:20
Hello All,

On behalf of his family,we recently researched the death of a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm officer, Lt. Brian Evans of 815 Naval Air Squadron, on 28 October 1958. Our story is here:

During the research we came across a reference to HMS Barbecue, a boom defence vessel that actually recovered the helicopter in which Lt. Evans lost his life.

Does anyone know where we might obtain the ship's record of this rescue effort? Is there an archive somewhere of Ship's Logs?

We would like to undertake research into other Naval air-related deaths. There seems to be a paucity of information to help families learn about the fate of their loved ones. Does anyone know of resources we could consult?

If anyone is interested in cooperating with us in our efforts, please do contact us via our Helpdesk.

I've also opened a new thread requesting help

Thanks for your attention

Stefan Pietrzak Youngs

17th March 2018, 06:24
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer.