Maloja (2)

chris larkin
17th April 2009, 00:04
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chris larkin
17th April 2009, 00:10
P + O went on to name a couple of tankers under the "M" letter - one was Malwa wich was considered a super tanker in her day (1963) when I joined as 1st trip cadet.I was also on that ship the first cadet to sign on under the P + O bulk/ tanker company Trident Tankers in Falmouth dry dock 1963

17th April 2009, 01:47
Having been on Maloja 1 went out to Miramar wharf & had a look at Maloja 2 when she made a Wellington call.Having called into the same berth on Stanvac Canberra there was a fair bit of nostagia running thru the memory. Kiwi