27th August 2005, 12:50
Hello Gentlemen...........I'm new to this website having just joined a few days ago. It's wonderful to see the photo's of some of the ships I sailed on, brings back many good memories, makes me wish I was at sea again.
I was an EO on Brocklebanks Mahronda in 1976/77. I can't seem to find any photo's or information on her, on this website. She looked like the Saxonia with the accomodation on the stern. Was she what you lads call the Mahronda IV, I don't know? I also sailed on the Samaria a refridgerated reefer which was bought by Trafalger House from Salen lines around 1975. Has anyone any information or photo's of either of these two ships? Once I obtain a slide scanner, I hope to contribute a few photo's to the gallery.

Take care shipmates


John Rogers
27th August 2005, 13:04
Welcome Paul,enjoy the site and what it has to offer.

27th August 2005, 13:26
Hi Paul, Welcome to the site. I am sure you will enjoy it.

I sailed on the Saxonia from 1968 to 1969. You can find a photo of her in the members gallery under my name. There is also a photo somewhere in the gallery of her as Mahronda in Brocklebank colours but I am not sure who posted it. You might try a gallery search.


Ray Charlton

michael james
27th August 2005, 13:30
Welcome Paul,

Hope you enjoy all aspects of the site, a good gathering of the clan of ex Brocklebank personnel here, hope you make contact with old shipmates.

Look forward to your contributions

27th August 2005, 13:38
Hi Paul,
Welcom to the site. Plenty of good stories and photos here.
I also sailed on the Mahronda in '72. A nice ship as far as
I was concerned (R/O) but if I remember there was a lot
of problems with the small generators (I think they were
Rolls-Royce). The ship was designed for North Atlantic
operation, and as a result it suffered in the hot areas
that Brocklebank normally travelled in.


27th August 2005, 15:48
Welcome Paul, another cunarder here, enjoy the site, you are now amongst the sea loving fraternity.

john g
27th August 2005, 22:07
O come off it you guys there was nothing wrong with the RR alternators. Sure you had to change the oil and filters every 200 hours, yes they were fiddly to work on and the cooling stack was a bit messy in eastern waters with the local pond life but by hell those machines packed one hell of a punch considering their size!! Remember Messrs James Troop Ltd in Liverpool who carried out portside overhauls ? Can,t say the same for Detroit Diesel who cocked one up in the US gulf ......O Happy days....the secret was simple make sure you had the right tools before you started...john g (big RR and Sulzer fan !!) Just as a foot note we took the Manipur (Ivernia) into the Gulf on charter and yes we did have some missgivings on the temperatures but she gave no big problems with A/C or enginroom which surprised us but I have to admit the evaporator wasn't up to it, mind you looking back the US coast could be warm somtimes ...

Derek Roger
28th August 2005, 00:42
I believe the Mahronda had the prototype Rolls fitted , I have some other related stories surrounding that episode for a later forum .
Mahout and Markor had 4 RR Generators 2 port and 2 Stbd each in its own separatley ventilated and sound proofed compartments . They were excellent machines and were a delight to service as when at sea only 2 gens were required so could shut down one side and work the other in relative comfort and without noise . Oil had to be changed every 600 hrs and tappets every
1000 /1200 hrs . I sailed with these vessels from apprentice to Chief . The salt water cooling filters were too small and required cleaning regularily when in port . They were a real problem going up the Hoogly at dusk and dawn when they would plug in about 1/2 hr after cleaning ; The problem was Shrimps !!! Which seemed to appear at those times .
This problem was solved by running a pipe from the inlet to the swimming pool drain overboard . When in the Hoogley we would fill the swimming before entering and if the filters started to plug ; shut down the aux SW pump and open the swimming pooldrain which gave a clean supply at sufficient head to supply 3 generators ( 3 For stand bye ) for 6 to 8 hours .
This mod was done on both Mahout and Markor and I believe some other ships and gave an emergency supply of gen CW if needed .
As I recollect this idea was Alan Atacks or Bill Sherrats .

Regarding Rustons ! They were on Mahseer and the rest of the "Black 4 "
Unfortunatley in those days few of the engineers had any diesel experience and they were not well looked after . I was transferred from Mahsud ( Colombo )Maiden voyage to the Mahseer ( Trincomolee) along with Jake Donneley ( Chief Eng ) to bring the Mahseer down to Colombo as all the engineeers were in poor condition as the ship had been having major problems . Chief and second had been put ashore due to ilness 3rd was incapacitated and 4th and 5th were sleeping in the cold room recovering from heat exhaustion .
The Rustons were in bad shape ; 1 was Dead ! one running just! and the Steam Geny could not be put on the board Any load would blow the LP piton rod packing out !
We sailed on one sick Ruston whith the belief hat we could fix the Steamer en route to Colombo . We had litle luck with that until just before Colombo I decided to remove the LP Cover and have a deco . After removing the junk ring I saw the problem ( The rings were a Rattling fit ) a quick file of the fish plate to let the rings out to a proper fit . Note the Steamer had been overhauled by Walkers in Colombo !!!
We sailed into Colombo with 2 generators on the board for the first time in weeks which was just as well as the 2nd Ruston ran all the bottom ends before FWE.
I was offered promotion to 3rd to take the Mahseer back home . I declined and went back to the Mahsud as 4 th Eng .! The new ship /A/C and the imminent stay in Calcutta more than offset the bribe of promotion .

Regards Derek

28th August 2005, 17:40
Dereck, glad I sailed on steam turbine ships, no problems with them.

Tony Crompton
28th August 2005, 17:51
Dereck, glad I sailed on steam turbine ships, no problems with them.

Apart from trying to get them stopped with their lack of stern power.
Tony C

28th August 2005, 17:53
60% of ahead power normally available

Tony Crompton
28th August 2005, 18:00
60% of ahead power normally available

That is not much, and they were very slow to bulid up the revs.
Tony C

Derek Roger
29th August 2005, 14:33
Either the Mahseer or Maidan 3 had a bad experience entering Colombo. Thouse who have been there would know there are 2 entances in the breakwater . What occurred was that aftering entering the entrance and moving to one of the Buoys with the engines going full ahead ; the telegraph rang Stop and while attemting to shut the Ahead Master the wheel "fell off the spindle ". ( Spindle was vertical on those vessels ) What ensued was apparantley a comedy to those not involved . With the haples engineers vainley trying to put the wheel back on and someone running around looking for a pipe wrench to try and shut off the ahead master. The bridge had been informed which stopped the telegraph continuous double ringing full astern !!
The old man took over from the Pilot who apparentley ("lost it ) and masterfully navigated through all the moored vessels / barges tugs etc .with whistle blowing hard ! and managed to take the ship out through the other
entrance ! leaving a wake of of bewildered barges / bum boats and crews on all the other ships looking on with Large Eyes . Apparentley this is recorded as the shortest stay of any vessel in Colombo .
The Controls were secured and the vessel retered ( with a new Pilot )
I dont know who thre Old man was but apparentley to those who witnesssed the event it was masterfull seamanship .
This is a related story and unfortunatley I did not witness the event. Regards Derek

Derek Roger
15th December 2005, 14:44
On the Mahout I had the unfortunate experience to have one of the 4 Rolls go " squirrely " with the load being very erratic on one of the two machines paralleled .
Figured out which one was acting up but could not get it to shed load ; the fuel rack was down to zero but the thing was still taking over 100 KW ?? The breaker would not trip from the switch board for some inexplicable reason? The local engine stop button was used and the fuel shut off completley. Machine continued running!!!
I put a plastic bag over the air intake which did the job ( It died ) and the breaker tripped fortunatly on reverse current.
After a lot of investigation it was found that the turbo charger seals had gone ( lubricated from the main oil supply ) and engine was getting an ungoverned supply of fuel ( Lub Oil ).
I later heard this had happened on another Rolls which when the breaker was tripped ( load removed ) it " Ran Away " oversped and wrecked itself .