Hi Everyone

17th March 2018, 14:35
Hi. I am Mike, and I have just joined your site. My hobby is really restoring vintage valve radios, something that my late father brought me up on in the late 1950's. My brother & I used to watch him restore/repair such equipment, which was totally fascinating to say the least. However it took me a long time to take the hobby up (it also helped me overcome my "disabilities" at that time and gave me something to believe in).
I will post something in the forum about what my dad did during WWII with the escort of goods to Russia.

18th March 2018, 12:29
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer.

21st March 2018, 17:20
Hi Billyboy.
Many thanks for your welcome.
Mike (Leeds, U.K)

21st March 2018, 23:21
G'day from OZ, Mike. Welcome to this great site, we will all welcome your stories pertaining to your dad's exploits. You can post them in any appropriate forum, or with other tales in the 'Tusitala' thread.
Coincidence: Haven't thought about valve wirelesses for years, but I just posted mention in another thread above, and now find your post!
By the way, my wife is from Bramley.



22nd March 2018, 16:13
Hi Taff.
Many thanks for your reply. Good to hear from you in OZ. Interesting to hear that your wife is from Bramley (Leeds?). I am not far from there.
Yes, my dad left my brother and I a legacy of restoring old radios as we used to watch him in the late 1950's and early 1960's repair them, and old televisions when we lived in east Leeds at Cross Gates. He worked at Headingley in those days, but I do remember the Fordson E83W & E494C service vans, plus the Commer/Hillman Express Delivery van and the Austin A55 -all now as rare as "rooster teeth" as the saying goes.
I will add more later.
Kind regards