Colin Bethell

22nd April 2009, 10:19
First of all let me say sorry if i spelled the name wrong
I was telling my parents (Tommy and Doris Ellison) about this site and the first thing they asked me to do was see if I could find out about Colin Bethell.
Also to say hello to anyone that remebers them

24th April 2009, 11:04
I remember Colin Bethel and Tom Ellison from the City of Lichfield in the early 70s on the Gulf/India run I think that was the trip the ships main engine was blessed with croosshead problems, we changed them all whilst at anchor. Happy Days.

29th April 2009, 16:30
Dad says he remembers the trip well but is not sure it was crossheads,He said something about fulcrum gear or something but sends his regards.
When I tell him of my time with the RFA and how you would never get away with work like that at anchor now he just shakes his head,he is happy in retirement now but I think like us all he misses the sea and ship life but he dare not say that to my mam

29th April 2009, 17:19
I may have got mixed up with the gulf runs but I was sure Tom was on that trip where we were anchored off bahrain and spent 6 on & 6 off bedding in crosshead bearings. Ask your dad if he remembers "Coconut"

2nd May 2009, 11:27
Of course he remebers you Les ,so does Mam and they both send their best,
They seem to remember you had a signature song something like "there she was just walking down the street" but with something to do with picking her nose and scratching her backside.
They want to know how your doing now (I have tried to get Dad on this internet thing but he just does not seem that interested so i have to pass the messages on for now,maybe before the end of my leave i will have him online)

2nd May 2009, 18:13
Hi Mala

Tell Your Dad I left The company 31 years ago this year and spent 15 years as a maintenance foreman in power stations and went on to do 15 years teaching engineering. I retired due to my health last August, 3 years early but my wife Lynne reckons I have done enough. When did your Dad retire? And what does he do with his time? I think your right encouraging him to go on line because this site well run and has a fantastic amount of photographs of ships from all companies as you have found for yourself. Iam having difficulty remembering the song it must have been generated through drink but Iam out of practice with that just now. Please give my best regards to your Mam and Dad.


5th April 2010, 01:12
I sailed with Colin Bethel on the City of Lichfield he was Chief Engineer and I was the Mate. He was one of the old school a nice guy and a gentleman.