Green Rover RIP?

26th March 2018, 17:40
This may interest those with a RFA history?



27th March 2018, 13:36
My first appointment as Chief Officer.
Joined her in Faslane 14th April 1976
Left in Chatham 31 Mar '77.
Captain Derek Reynolds. Bertie Hawke was CEO.
She would be 50 years old now. Says a lot for Swan Hunter

27th March 2018, 16:20
Now that is real nostalgia George.


28th March 2018, 16:03
George, did the Green carry a lecky. I believe a couple of Rovers did.

Steve Oatey
3rd April 2018, 00:19
Hi dab, as a general rule the Rovers did not carry a lecky. They had an extra Engineer instead, a legacy of their early days with the Ruston AO engines. The extra was daywork, and did any leckying that cropped up. However, when I was that third on Gold Rover we did have a lecky as well. And we had one on Black when we had a big stores load in the hold and on the flight deck to transfer to Brambleleaf in the Red Sea. His main focus was on keeping the stores lift working (from the hold up to the flight deck) and nursing the ATW of the heavy jackstay rig during an all-day RAS. Steve.

3rd April 2018, 15:18
Cheers Steve, the reason I enquired was I was warned whilst on leave that I might have to join a Rover was a short spell, however I was then sent out to Keppel to join Tidespring. I think a year out East was the better bet.

10th April 2018, 12:34
When I was on Hebe as Lecky a Rover (cannot remember which one) was tied-up near us in Chatham. Got asked to go over and sort some electrical issues for them, one I recall was that the Emergency generator would not auto start. And not wishing to cause embarrassment to anyone that was on there I will not say what the basic fault was.

Ian Coupe
29th September 2018, 11:18
Once a heap of junk a.ways a heap of junk.

Ian Coupe
29th September 2018, 11:19
Once a heap of junk, always a heap of junk