Not another old Sparks...

27th August 2005, 19:23
'Fraid so. Have been lurking here since very shortly after SN opened having seen it mentioned on Ian Coombe's wonderful site, MNnostalgia. I've now decided to join mainly so I can still look at the photographs!! :)

I was with IMR from '60 to '64 and I remember those days with great affection.
I've loved wading through this site and looking at the photographs and reading the posts... long may it continue!

Sailed with Houlder Bros, Anchor Line, Cunard, Blue Star, South American Saint Line, Nerdrum's, Johnston Warren and Trader Navigation, but that list includes HT leave reliefs too.


27th August 2005, 23:23
Welcome to the site, glad you at last "signed on" and I look forward to stories and photos of your experiences

michael james
28th August 2005, 00:27
Welcome to SN Membership BA 204259,

If you have been observer all this time you probably dont need advice on how to post. so I will just say we look forward to your input and your continued enjoyment of the site.

Doug Rogers
28th August 2005, 02:51
Welcome aboard, continue to enjoy the site and the members.

28th August 2005, 03:54
Welcome aboard. Glad to see you've finally decided to join - you won't regret it! Hopefully, we'll hear of some of your experiences. Enjoy the site.

31st August 2005, 11:16
Hello BA204259, Welcome to one of the best Merchant Navy nostalgia sites.
I sailed on St Essylt from 1/11/56 to 23/04/57 I wonder if our paths may have crossed. These St line ships were before their time, built 1948 with single accomadation for crew and leatherette on the cabin baulkheads, sheer luxury in those days. They were also of modern streamlined design.
Cheers.....Jim ( Jim Still )

31st August 2005, 12:59
G'day ship mates

When I see your postings and read what your line of work was all them years ago, I get very envious! I used to work part time in an old steam tug as a boson and third officer in a sail trainer here in Melbourne back in the eighties and nineties. Just a single line of history and memories compared to what you fella's have done!

I remember when my late farther (ex Royal Marine) used to tell me about the forties and fifties when many of the great British shipping companies were still in operation. The great ships, both cargoe and passenger, even the tramp steamers, beautiful looking ships. I am an ardent square rig man but have a spot for the old steamers.

Love to read about more yarns...keep them coming!



31st August 2005, 14:57
Welcome to the site BA204259, I am sure that you will enjoy it, I do.

31st August 2005, 17:39
Thanks to everybody for the welcome, much appreciated.. (Thumb)

marsat2, I sailed on the St Essylt but only for a short time as leave relief. I joined her in Victoria Docks, London on 15th December '61 and paid off in Bremen on the 29th. If memory serves me correctly also called at Antwerp. Hell, I loved that place.. (*)) She was a beautifully streamlined ship, the radio room was in the funnel. I also remember that there were a couple of very attractive widows of around 50 years of age as passengers and staying on to to do the full trip to South America. I desperately wanted to stay on and do the full trip (no, not because of the widows!) but it was gently explained to me that the incumbent R/O would, in all probability, only be prised off the ship with a big crowbar after his death.

My other St was an old Samboat (ex Samloyal) called the St Helena. I joined her in Feb '62 and had a wonderful trip up the West Coast. By that time she had been sold by South American Saint Line and was owned by Nerdrum's - their only ship as far as I know, but I stand to be corrected on that. I had a wonderful time but she really was an old rust bucket and it turned out to be her last voyage except the one to a breaker's yard in Belgium.


2nd September 2005, 08:50
Yes thats right BA204259 the Saint boats had a virtual regular run on the continent, in fact the whole voyage was one big cruise. On my voyages on St Essylt, and I did two of them, we joined her at Rotherhythe on the Thames, and called in at Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremen, Hamburg, Lisbon, Las Palmas, Recife ( the memories still haunt me of that one) Rio, Santos, Monte Video, Buenos Aires and Rossario and then called at most of them on the way back. I had to do the second voyage as I had no money left. I fear you missed out on a great trip on St Essylt. She carried 12 passenger and we had a couple of dollies on board on one of the voyages I did. Nice chatting with you. Cheers. Jim