BI Ships 1948-1949

27th August 2005, 20:42
My Dad - Ralph Bannister- sailed on the following BI ships between 1948 & 49:
SS MADURA; SS RAJULA; SS VARLEA & SS ITAURA, does anybody have any info. or photo's of these ships. I am trying to build up a photographic history of my dads ships and the ships I was on. He sailed with Clan Line 1949 - 1955 (somebody was born that year and he left the sea!!)
Any info would be appreciated or even links to other sites.


Brian Bannister

Bob S
28th August 2005, 13:58
Hi Brian,

A good source of info is the "BI" book by W A Laxon & F W Perry published by the World Ship Society (ISBN O 905617 65 7)
Plenty of info and some pic's.

28th August 2005, 17:34
Go to , info on that site about BI, also put BI in and do a search, plenty of info then.

6th November 2005, 23:43
Hello there,
Like yourself I am trying to locate some of my fathers shipmates whilst he was with clan line.
Did your father ever serve on the following Clan Ships-
Argyllshire, Ayrshire and if he did did he recall my father Ron Wilkinson or as he was known to his mates "Tiny".

Bruce Carson
6th November 2005, 23:46
for all things BI.

Bruce C.

7th November 2005, 13:29
In reply to alistair, my dad only siled on Clan vessels and BI ships, he never sailed on any of the shires. Sorry

7th November 2005, 13:34
Welcome Alistair to SN the site for all sealoving personel, be sure to enjoy it, we do.