saying hello here because of my grandad

14th April 2018, 22:48
hi everyone
Ive just learnt my grandad was chief superintendant engineer
and was looking too see if anyone remembers him would love to hear stories of my grandad I have a few photos be lovely to hear some stories, Grandad name Reginald Charles Dodd I am hoping someone may remember him(Wave)

Laurie Ridyard
14th April 2018, 22:54
If your father was a seagoing Engineer, he would have a Discharge Book and Seaman's Identity Card.

The Discharge Book will show ships he sailed on and such information will help here,



14th April 2018, 22:56
i dont have that much information i have a few photos of the ships and a lovely photo of his shipmates but nothing else at present
thank you

14th April 2018, 23:10

jg grant
14th April 2018, 23:12
Hi Sarah and welcome from New Zealand. I think the ship might be an Esso tanker judging by the funnel. Good luck!

14th April 2018, 23:16
thank you yes my information has so far led me to esso, as of yesterday i just knew he was in merchant navy these pics came into my possession today due to a family bereavement and as im now my grandads next of kin so to speak they came to me so now I naturally want to know more about him :-)

16th April 2018, 11:42
Some of the photos look like they were taken in Falmouth?

16th April 2018, 18:53
Im not sure I just inherited the photos so to speak as my mum and dad passed away but i knew it was grandad in the photos and thats all I know
Thank you for replying

23rd April 2018, 11:26
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer