Silver Line Ltd

Paul Rowe
26th April 2018, 17:19
Silverleaf 1965 Dec-1966Dec great ship served on it twice Joined in Rotterdam after flying out in a Dekota and flew back from Montreal. Cadet John Parsons Frank Abbass, Martin Begging and Myself. OM Tew also Bowen 1st Cornelius, Val Ross, 3rd Griffith. Indian crew Junior Eng. Charlie Leong, Jackie Watson Tony McGrath 3rd Eng Big Man Welshman 2nd and Ch Eng. Thomas. Mac Ch Steward Destrehan, Beruit, x 2 then Poti Gorgia Russia Chrome Ore for the US,Houston for Calcutta, Durban, Capetown, via Cape Verde on to Start Lawrence Toronto Duluth Lake Superior. Second time joined Grenwall Drydock. Neil Nifton can't remember the others. Did the Aldersgate, Bishopsgate and Silversand as 3rd where one of the cooks used a meat cleaver on and edh from m'boro off Gigi about turn to Lad Palma's Grand Canarian. Had a whip round for him. When we got back to m'boro we went up to Club Fiesta for a night out. Also Did the Sigsilver, Rotterdam to Mossamedes to Fukuyama Japan, Kure drydock 6 Weeks yay after to Dampier and back to Rotterdam and pay off. Vittoria, Lulea, Murmansk, Glasgow. After leaving Silver Line I went Untied Baltic Corporation another very good company.
PS Does anyone know what happened to Dave Vipond from Hull please. Cheers Paul Rowe.

29th April 2018, 02:51
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

29th April 2018, 11:35
There is a another site on the web site for silver line. many pages.