Tommy Cox's Traverse

27th April 2018, 02:16
Thank you to the administrators and membership for granting me access to the forums on Ship's Nostalgia. I am truly not any kind of Mariner 'though I served 15 years in the US Navy as an Aviation Electrician's Mate First Class. My time at sea is miniscule as, in essence, it involved a fortnight aboard B/C Atlantida as a Submarine Cable Maintenance Manager repairing a segment of failed cable in the Celtic Sea and 1 night in a cabin of the C/S Long Lines at berth in Baltimore MD. Sadly, my family discouraged a seagoing life for me and I look forward to learning secondhand what I might have missed. Thanks to you all for posting your knowledge and experience here and for allowing me to share some of it.

27th April 2018, 11:40
oh my friend you have missed a life of memories that others cannot come near to .I suggest first you read tulister tell your tales .the thread by tsel.keep away fro EU it will drive you crazy. then you have all the shipping companies under their own banner .it will take up all your time some threads go back in time then die for a while then spring back again .cheers tony Allen

27th April 2018, 13:40
Thanks to TonyAllen for the suggestion and contact! All the best.

29th April 2018, 01:54
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

29th April 2018, 05:33
Thanks billyboy