pre-war ships

28th August 2005, 22:59
I have postcards of NZSC war casualtys. m.v Otaio. s.s Turakina. Remuera. Rotorua. Piako. F.S.N.Co. war casualtys. s,s.Cambridge. Hertford. Norfolk. Cumberland. Surrey. Somerset. Westmoreland. All have war casualty written on back of card when printed. I also have N.Z.S.Co. s.s. Ruahine. Rangitata. Rangitiki. Rangitane. Rimutaka. Pipiriki. Haparangi. F.S.N.CO. Durham. Gloucester. Huntingdon. Norfolk. All these cards are pre 1950. Would like to send them but have no printer.Any suggestions.

Doug Rogers
28th August 2005, 23:29
Can u get them copied onto a CD?,might cost a bit but with that number might be worthwhile, then post them on site from your computer??

10th December 2011, 18:28
Are these the Merchant Shipping Movement Cards?