Request permission to come aboard

29th April 2018, 23:08
Sparker Darbs Ex RN. Centaur,Tiger, Ark(1st), Keppel, Mercury,Ark Royal (2nd) Caesar, Terror, Tamar, Kranji W/t etc. Would love to come aboard and look around, maybe for 'sippers'

30th April 2018, 01:18
GD only does gulpers. All welcome.

30th April 2018, 08:59
You are very welcome just pick your watch and turn to.

30th April 2018, 19:48
1st of Starboard my favourite. Suppose I'll get the Middle? Maybe to First and Morning? As long as there's a good supply of Kai and, or, sticky buns. Kick my 'mick' if I draw the Middle

30th April 2018, 19:52
GD only does gulpers. All welcome.

Gulpers will do fine mate, neaters if poss. Cheers