Sailed on the Caledonia in 1964

6th May 2018, 07:45
Hi Im a first time user. My interest is in the ships Caledonia and Circassia. I sailed on the Caledonia in 1964 about July/August to Bombay from Liverpool. I was looking for the actual dates of sailing. I also returned from Bombay around February/March 1966 on the Circassia. I travelled as a teenager with my mum, sister and brother. Id appreciate actual dates of sailing.

Barrie Youde
6th May 2018, 17:15
Hi, Pam,

Sailing dates for Caledonia to Bombay in 1964 appear to have been Saturday 6th June and Saturday 5th September, which I hope might help you. These dates are taken from my father's log books; and it is possible that I have misinterpreted his extreme heiroglyphics, but they are the only dates which fit with all other known information. He served as pilot for Anchor Line at Liverpool at the time.

Am sorry that I have no information for 1966 as by that time the passenger service to Bombay was on its last legs and my Dad had moved to Shaw Savill. Possibly you had Circassia's last voyage of all, homeward bound, but that is nothing more than an informed guess and doesn't identify any date for you.

I'm sure that other brighter sparks here in SN will be able to help you. Good luck!

6th May 2018, 18:45
Thanks Barrie for your quick reply. My sister said 4th September which would tie in with 5th September sailing. She also said we returned around 26/28 January getting back to Britain about 20th Feb.

Barrie Youde
7th May 2018, 01:15
Hi, Pam,

This is a longshot, with a suggestion that our paths might actually have crossed.

In the mid 1960s (quite possibly 20th Feb 1966) as the passenger service to Bombay was winding down and my Dad had already transported himself to pastures new, I joined either Cilicia, Circassia or Caledonia as a 23-year old apprentice pilot inward bound at Point Lynas, together with Pilot DH Williams. Precisely which of the three ships it was, I cannot now recall and, sadly, have no precise record; but one recollection which is certain is that Captain Angus Colqhoun was in command. He had known me from early childhood and, as we steamed up the Mersey in that early morning, I recall vividly that Mandy Miller's Nellie the Elephant was played over the loudspeaker system as it had been - frequently - during the Anchor Line of my childhood. It was a magical experience for me - transcending all professionalism!

I can only hope that your experiences of Anchor Line were as happy and as proper as were mine! The combination of high professional standards and natural personal charm was a unique thing which I never did experience anywhere else. For me, it was a delight to be aboard any Anchor Line ship.

Best wishes,

Barrie Youde

7th May 2018, 09:14
Suggest you visit which seem to specialise in arrivals and sailings of ships. They may be able to help

Barrie Youde
7th May 2018, 10:40
Thank you!

Barrie Youde
7th May 2018, 15:57
With thanks to Greenock1, it becomes clear that Circassia arrived at Liverpool from Bombay on 15th March 1966 for the final time. On reaching the Clyde later that month she was withdrawn from service and put up for sale. A sad day.

17th May 2018, 08:06
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