wightlink ferries for sale

13th May 2009, 18:32
Having a look at various sites i was surprise to see on www.apolloduck.com to see the three former wightlink ferries up for sale at 398.949 (443,00 euro). The web site goes on to say delivery may/june and the web site is the current owner www.smedagaarden.net.
The site also has some great pictures of the ferries and engine room.
So there looks like they may not be scrap just yet?.
Also has anyone got any ideas when the red funnel red jet 1/2 will leave for the dead sea?.

14th May 2009, 22:27
The Red Jets have gone - went today piggy back http://www.solentwaters.co.uk/JAlbumnews/Recentnews/slides/redjetsonboard.html

17th May 2009, 20:13
Isle of Wight County Press confirms they are on their way to Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea..