northern Star 10 bob Pom 1970

10th May 2018, 08:35
Hello, I was a “10 bob Pom” (although i’m Welsh) emigrating to Wollongong Australia from South Wales in 1970 at the ripe old age of 10 aboard the SS Northern Star

My main reason for joining the forum is to try and find a decent resolution photograph of the ship for my 81 year old Mother who is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and while she has virtually no short term memory she still has vivid memories of her past. I recently showed her a magazine cutting I had of the ship and she was so delighted I thought I’d try to get her a decent quality picture to hang on her wall at the care home so if anyone has one I would be forever grateful

10th May 2018, 09:46
Have a look in the Ships Nostalgia gallery plenty to pick from

10th May 2018, 11:01
See here:

Stephen J. Card
10th May 2018, 11:03
Have a look on EBAY AUSTRAILA. You can buy a large 24 x 18 photo (a good one) and available in Australia for A$30. Search s.s. Northern Star - ship

One for your mum and one for yourself!


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10th May 2018, 23:03
Thank you for all the info and suggestions so far, it’s revived many memories for me. We are no longer in Oz having returned to the UK in 1974

11th May 2018, 01:54
This thread reminds me of the two way passenger traffic in the early post war years.
Thousands of immigrants from the UK , weary of the war years and wanting a new life queued at the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand embassies in London to obtain a berth to the colonies. My Aunt and cousins came in 1947 on the Rangitiki while she was still in troopship mode and men and women were accommodated in separate dormitory like cabins. Ships Captain Cook, Captain Hobson and others also plied the routes and the the newly built Rangitane, Rangitoto, and Ruahini joined soon after in tourist class trim.
A fair number of these immigrants arrived in NZ to find life styles so different to home that dispair set in and many returned home after a brief effort of resettlement.
Mostly from the UK city environments they missed the close communal living , the local pubs as social centres compared with our then swill bars that closed at six pm, the poor public transport services and many other little aspects that did not compare with the Old Dart.
Quite a few of these 'escapees' were aboard the Rangitane when I sailed on her in 1957 and on that ships return voyage to NZ there was a family that had settled near us in Auckland in the early fifties and had returned home only to have regrets that hastened yet another voyage.
There were more than a few of these in Gypsy mode and they had various names , two time Poms was one.
I recall my own father telling such people of his leaving London for Queensland in 1920 and returning home by stowing away two years later only to find his home town claustrophobic and a realisation of what the wide open spaces had meant. He applied to NZ house and was on his way on the SS Pakeha in no time.
I wonder how many people had these sessions of doubt, after all it was a big move in those days before cheap air travel and good telephone or internet contact.


11th May 2018, 07:30
If you want a pic of the Northern Star just Google the name.
But for now here she is.

12th May 2018, 08:37
If you want a pic of the Northern Star just Google the name.
But for now here she is.
Thank you Tugger. I had already googled and found pics but found them all to be low res therefore not really suitable for printing and putting in a picture frame

12th May 2018, 09:04

Nortnern Star at Princes Wharf, Auckland around 1969, possibly December 4th 1969.

12th May 2018, 09:19

Looking though my diary when living in Auckland New Zealand, Northern Star was in port on Thursday 21st May 1970. I wondered if that was the same voyage from the UK that you were aboard with your family leaving the ship in Sydney that month?

Whatever, the picture above would have been pretty close to the time you were aboard.

12th May 2018, 10:07
Pompeyfan thank you very much! Yes we left Southampton in March 1970 and arrived in Sydney some 6 weeks later so it would have arrived in Auckland in May

12th May 2018, 10:29

Northern Star was in Auckland on 21st May1970 according to my diary. It usually took three days to cross the Tasman, so you possibly left her on Monday 18th May 1970.

If you like, I can crop the picture to make it larger?

12th May 2018, 13:38
Kaytutt, you undervalue yourself, surely you were a ten pound Pom?

John T

12th May 2018, 15:09
Kaytutt, you undervalue yourself, surely you were a ten pound Pom?

John T

Possibly B\)

17th May 2018, 07:18
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer