Voyage Description.

john mc ginley
14th May 2009, 23:19
found my fathers, certificate of discharge book.on looking
through his book i found an entry.
(R.F.A.GOLD RANGER 168175),19/12/41 GLASGOW TO MOMBASA??,the writing is faint it looks like (MOMBASA).
the discharge date was 13/07/42.the description of the voyage was foreign (O.H.M.S).has anyone any information
on this (DESCRIPTION OF VOYAGE)as it is the only one in
his sea book that has this discription.also i noted that all the descriptions changed after this trip to (FOREIGN)
this continued up to july 1944 . as through injury he was discharged as unfit for sea. thank you.

Satanic Mechanic
15th May 2009, 08:39
There are far more knowledgable on here than me - but it sounds like it may have been attached to a WS convoy (WS14 or 15)

OHMS is On His Majesties Service

Wait for the experts to arrive though