michael davis

Michael J Davis
15th May 2018, 18:51
Hi, its a long time since I logged in to this site, but my heart has always been with seafaring. I come from a traditional merchant navy background with the family very heavily connected to the sea. My father was a chief engineer for very many years with various companies and I was always destined to go to sea but not in the way I really wanted to go. I was interested in navigation and attended south shields marine and tech college, but 2 years into the pre sea course I failed my eye sight test just as I was going to joining William cory and sons as a deck apprentice. Devistated at the age of 17, I transferred to the radio and electronics department and eventually at the age of 19 years 11 months joined Marconi marine as a radio officer. My first ship was MV Kohinur, a cargo ship belonging to Hain Norse and chartered to the Asian Shipping company. My first voyage lasted 7 months, my mother said I went away a boy and came back a man. I lasted 2 years at sea, but sadly came ashore to change career. I could not do what I wanted to do so dearly, navigate the ship and become a master mariner. I was told many times by deck officers that I spent more time on the bridge plotting courses than in the radio room. They were right!