Andrea Doria

16th May 2009, 18:18
Of all the shipping tragedies I guess this one tends to stick in people's minds alot more than most.

Moreso due to the fact that one ship is still around, albeit in a completely different guise & name, she still harbours reminders of that dreadful night to those who were involved and to subsequent generations.

There is a brilliant website all about Andrea Doria, and what happened that fateful night off Nantucket on July 25, 1956..

The Stockholm has gone onto make a very successful cruising career, the irony being that her conversion into her current guise was done in Genoa...Andrea Doria's home port and where families of those who cared for Andrea Doria and who made up a significant number of the crew, all came from Genoa, and who quite understandably look upon Athena (as she is now) as the Death Ship.