Fyffes Cadet from 72-76, stayed until 83

Ron Kirby
17th May 2018, 02:10
Hi, anyone remember me? I was an engine cadet from 72-76, sailed on the Tucurinca, Morant and Magdalena. Stayed with Fyffes until 83, finished up as 2nd Engineer, got my Chiefs ticket just in time to get made redundant when the last 4 MK2 M boats were sold off. I was in fact aboard when they were layed up in Cadiz in Spain just before they were sold.

16th June 2018, 21:26
Hi Ron, think i remember you did you have your wife on board her name lyn, and did you use to do Mick Jagger as your party piece. Regards Paul Best Gp1

14th November 2018, 19:34
Yes was with you and Lyn when the ships were in Cadiz.
Went to b boats after that redundancy in 1986!

10th June 2019, 18:19
Yes, I remember you. Magdalena when I was 1st trip Eng Cdt. If memory serves, you were J/E and accompanied by Lyn.
Other Eng Cdt with me was Chris Rhodes.
I finished with Fyffes 83/84 and went on to be C/E on North Sea drill ship.