Norwegian Navy

18th May 2009, 17:05
In 1955 while serving aboard the frigate HMS WHITESAND BAY we paid a visit to Londonderry, we tied up astern of 3 Norwegian submarines which were ex German Navy U-Boats that had been allocated after WW2, these were:

U-926 Renamed KYA-commissioned to the N Navy.1949 / Broken up in 1964

U-1202 " KINN " " " N Navy.1951 / " " " 1963

U-995 " KAURA " " " N Navy.1952 out of service 1962

apart from these did the navy have any other foreign submarines in service such as ones from the Japanese navy?

18th May 2009, 17:38
Though not in active service, the USN did test a few I-boats after the war, mainly for engineering purposes. They did the same thing to captured U-boats, but the USN did not use foreign submarines in active service.....they had too many fleet boats that were new or nearly new..

Steve Woodward
18th May 2009, 17:56
The royal navy had a few 'second hand' subs X2 or P711 was the former Galileo Galilei and used as a training sub 1942-6.
HMS Graph was the former U 570 captured in September 1941 she was used until 1944 when she was sent for scrapping but ended up on rocks in Scotland and broken up were she lay, Graph revealed that RN depth charges did not have a deep enough depth setting, she could dive to about 230 mtrs so deoth charges were modified to suit.
To ballance up the books the Germans captured HMS Seal in May 1940, recommissioned by her new 'owners as UB she was used for training.

18th May 2009, 17:56
Kaura is today back in Germany restored to U-995 and on exhibition Kiel: Regards, Stein.