George Porteous
18th May 2018, 19:18
Death in the Scotsman Newspaper today for Sir Ian Denholm, aged 91. Assume he was one of the sons who took over the company in the 60s/70s.

18th May 2018, 19:28
He was father of John Denholm the present Group Chairman and along with Robert 'Bob' Denholm set up the ship management division..


19th May 2018, 00:04
I missed that and am sorry to hear it.

A gentleman and something of a technical enthusiast. I had received memos from him and been tasked with fixing his timezone clock before the MD (then Archie Ross) had so much as passed the time of day after I joined the shore staff.

He had the family disability (something akin muscular dystrophy) that Sir William had had and was, I understand, in a wheelchair from around the millennium.

19th May 2018, 03:04
So sorry to hear to hear that Sir Ian had passed away. I was manager of group D when he and Robert(Bob) were very much involved.Same time as Archie Ross was a group manager-- A long time ago now but remembered with some nostalgia-happy days.o

31st May 2018, 17:40
A Thanksgiving Service for his life will be held at Rhu and Shandon Church on Friday 8th. June at 11.00am.