Hello from Mar del Plata, Argentina

Emilio VdB
20th May 2018, 15:54
Thanks for adding me. Have a good Sunday

20th May 2018, 19:50
Welcome aboard Emilio looking forward to your posts.

21st May 2018, 08:50
Thanks for adding me. Have a good Sunday

Hello, Emilio, welcome to this great site - you'll find plenty to interest you here.
I had the pleasure of the company of Marisse, who came from Mar del Plata. Her family had a fleet of fishing boats there and I have written about her in my memoirs, "Bahia Blanca adventures", which you can read here, in the Pig and Whistle forum.



21st May 2018, 12:26
Welcome Emilio,

Never visited the Argentine myself but Father was port engineer at Bahia Blanca at the outset of the war (shall we omit precisely which war?). Officially Assistant to the Chief Draughtsman or the Argentine Railways.

David V

24th May 2018, 06:40
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great new site has to offer.