Allure & Oasis of the Seas Construction Progress

20th May 2009, 14:15
Royal Caribbean's two giant cruise ships are well on their way now. Oasis will be entering service in a few months time. Royal Caribbean have launched websites that give an idea of what the ships look like as they grow in size...




Personally I feel these ships are way too big and may well become white elephants (quite literally) once the novelty wears off. The cruise line are also charging a primium to travel on them and they can only go to certain ports of call in the Caribbean that are currently being prepared ready for their arrival, so little if any variety for those cruising aboard the ships.

What are your thoughts of these beasts?

20th May 2009, 20:24
They are the destination in itself, the new age of cruising, for the type of passenger who is more interested in facilities than cruising the oceans on a vessel that may have the audacity to roll, and possibly think that because these are so big, they may not. But they will of course.

They are a world away from the traditionally designed ships, and could well become white elephants, but while there is a market there, companies will build them. However, one could get into trouble one day, and there could be great loss of life, as I have always feared. That could change a lot of people minds who think these ships can never get into trouble, and if they do, getting all the thousands off will run smoothly.