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28th May 2018, 15:52
I am a Mancunian now based in Abergele North Wales I have a family member by the name of John Abram who is part of my Grandmothers family he was a Mariner and I am attaching a newspaper cutting which tells you a little information about him. I have numerous copies of his Captain certificates from the Liverpool centre but I am do not know how find out about his services during the war the article talks about him helping rescue men from the sea can anybody give me any help in finding more information I would be very grateful.

Thanks for your kind attention

Hugh MacLean
28th May 2018, 21:18
The only way to find out his service during WW1 is via crew lists as personal records for this war do not survive. I have him in sailing on 19 November 1914 aboard Hall Line vessel MELFORD HALL signing off 10 December 1914. He then joins the Hall Line's CITY OF NEWCASTLE on 24 January 1915 until the voyage ends 8 August 1915 at Tilbury. It appears that he continued to serve on that ship for the next voyage. The Captain's Certificate of Competency that you have will also show some of his ships.


Roger Griffiths
29th May 2018, 13:13
Hello and Welcome,
As Hugh as already said Crew Agreements and Logbooks are the only way to find out about his service in WW1.
Lloyds Captains Register should tell you the vessels he captained during this period and should give you details of his total sea going career.
I found this in LCR. Which is only indexed online up to 1911. I believe this is your man.
ABRAM, John b.Runcorn 1867 019722 Liverpool 1893 Extra 1899
vol.43 Extra folio no.6 1893-1894; vol.58 1898-1903; vol.73 1904-1911
LCR can be viewed at London Metropolitan Archives. It would probably pay you to use their excellent Research Service, unless you fancy a day out in London!
Once you have the details of the ships he served on you can then view the Crew Agreements and Logbooks all of which, for the period of the First World War are stored in the National Archives at Kew. You would be best served by a personal visit.
Hugh, can you find a WW1 medal entitlement for John Abram?


Hugh MacLean
29th May 2018, 16:22
Hello Roger,

No medal entitlement online that I can see.


30th May 2018, 10:35
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer.

31st May 2018, 09:09
Many thanks for the welcome I have received some very welcomed messages and more information on Captain John Abram and hopefully will now be able to find more information.