Request for info on Melbourne Star 1957-1960

30th May 2018, 14:11
Hi! I'm looking for any information on MELBOURNE STAR during 1957-1960 for research purposes. If anyone has any information especially the ports of call for MELBOURNE STAR during this time. Many thanks

Roger Griffiths
31st May 2018, 12:31
Hello and welcome,
I would consult "Lloyds Voyage Record Cards" available on microfiche, from the Guildhall Library, London.
Lloyd's Voyage Record, 1946 to date

Published weekly, it reprints the movements of ocean-going ships (in alphabetical order) from Lloyd’s List, showing all movements on the voyage.
Best to order in advance.
A more long winded approach is to consult "Lloyd's List"
Available from Guildhall Library, NMM Greenwich, National Library of Scotland, Newspaper Library Colindale London.

Not as accurate or complete as Lloyds List.
The online "Times" Digital Archive has some 28 voyage movements May/06/1957 until October/28/1960

A few passenger lists giving ports of embarkation, from the National Archives


1st June 2018, 00:36
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer.

1st June 2018, 02:55
From "The Ships that Served New Zealand" by I.G. Stewart (A.H & A.W. Reed, Wellington, New Zealand) - 1964

"In February 1957, the vessel (Melbourne Star) loaded at Wellington 90 tons of frozen whale meat, the first time whale meat had been handled in New Zealand for export, although whale oil had been exported previously. The shipment was brought across from the Tory Channel whaling station by the coaster TALISMAN for transhipment to the MELBOURNE STAR, which transported the consignment to Britain, where it was in demand for animal food."

"In August 1953, when being assisted to berth in Geelong Harbour, Australia, by the 250-ton tug EDWARD J. FARNIE, the latter capsized and sank without loss of life."

"When she visited New Plymouth in 1951 for the first time, she created the record for being the longest ship to berth there up to that time. Her visit to New Zealand was in May 1950, when she crossed from Brisbane to Auckland."