Tall Ships

John Holmes
31st August 2005, 21:30
The Tall ship Kruzenshtern will be in Torbay on sat 3rd sept for the race to Santander. (Applause)

michael james
31st August 2005, 22:56
John, Thank you for that info.........wonder if I can get away ?.....

4th September 2005, 14:30
The Kruzenshtern leaving the Tyne with the Tug Roseberry Cross on the Bow and Flying Spindrift on the stern

31st October 2005, 08:03
Firstly, let thank all who wished me well after my "Say hello" message, unfortunately I don't have the means [or knowhow] to load/post photographs.

Secondly, the reason for this post, I was at South Shields not far from the harbour mouth for the Parade of Sail on 28th July. I saw all ships leaving but was too far away to identify the majority. Does anyone have a list of the ships in the order in which they left port? I would be most grateful for this information.