Ten pin bowling on a cruise ship anyone?

25th May 2009, 10:45
I kid you not....aboard the Norwegian Pearl & Norwegian Gem you will find a full size and fully equipped bowling alley. I have uploaded a couple of photos of Norwegian Pearl's alley in what they call the Bliss Lounge in the gallery here..



I did have to wonder what would happen if a bowling ball escaped and ran down the main corridor's on either side of the ship...knocking passengers and crew flying...but apparently that is said to be an impossibility.

Many people have commented that the lounge area resembles a brothel with its very dark velvets, kingsized bed sofas and very low lighting.

NCL are currently the only cruise line to offer ten pin bowling at sea, it is an added extra cost for passengers wanting to have a game but has proven to be popular...as long as you don't let the kids look at the paintings of naked ladies on the walls (another complaint from parents) ;)