Old Slides

26th May 2009, 02:30
I have a hoard of old slides that we picked up as a Christmas Present- even a few shots of the Andrea Doria in Drydock. These slides are in exceptionally good condition. What is the best way to get them digital?

26th May 2009, 03:13
Hi Steamer659,
There are three ways to go about it:
1/ Get them done at a Camera store/Professionally
2/ Buy your own slide scanner/on Ebay 50
3/ Buy a desktop scanner that has slide and negative scanner built in.
It would depend on how many slides you have. If you don't have a desktop scanner yet this might be the better way to go as you can also scan photos and documents.

K urgess
26th May 2009, 13:06
The cheapest way is to do it yourself if you have the time.
Get a scanner capable of scanning slides and negatives with the highest optical resolution you can. 4800dpi is quite common now.
I have an Epson and find it extremely easy to use.

26th May 2009, 16:16
Thank You Rickles
Thank You Sahib

1st June 2009, 16:54
Steamer, I echo what Marconi Sahib has said; I have an Epson 4990 which is a great scanner.

For slides, the best way to good results is to get a scanner that has a light source in the lid; those that reflect the light from the flatbed via mirrors through the slide from above cannot produce such good results.

Take a look at some of the other threads here and also www.photo-i.co.uk

Enjoy, and don't forget to show us the results ....

(PM me if you want to chat more about this)