Picking up a conversation after..........

Graham the pipe
6th June 2018, 20:24
My reason for opening this thread is simple.........has similar happened to you, personally?

Today's date; landline rings; wife answers; brings the handset to me saying "It's Mike Salt". His Christian name is actually 'Andrew' but that's another story altogether. Fast reverse circa 56 years to Montreal and a 6 week dock strike. Unquestionably the longest ever party I've organised and 'attended' throughout.

Mike, Purser, self 3/0, ship the 'Donga', ladies 'pinched' from a flat on its face 'fallen' party on the 'Empress of Canada' berthed opposite when we arrived at Jacques Cartier Piers.

Conversation 'picked up' as if the events happened yesterday.

Now ask me what I did yesterday. Sorry, can't remember.