P&O Australia's Pacific Dawn caught up with Swine Flu outbreak on board

27th May 2009, 16:22
The ship's previous cruise had cases of the illness but was unloaded and relaoded and away again before anyone actually stepped in and did anything, so now the ship is out at sea with quite a few sick passengers and crew and by the looks of it, ports don't want her anywhere near them - for understandable reasons...



27th May 2009, 23:14
On this morning's news she has been diverted towards Willis Island instead of the Whitsundays. A bit of an anti-climax for the passengers, but they will be able to look over the historic meteorological station there.

The TV is making a massive fuss over the ship's flying the yellow quarantine flag - think they're getting mixed up with smallpox or something.

Sounds like Australia's swine flu epidemic victims doubled when Pacific Dawn's passengers disembarked in Sydney. That'll teach them not to drink in the Pig and Whistle!

John T.