Just joined.

13th June 2018, 14:36
I have just joined a few minutes. There appears to be a problem when joining. No-where during the sign up is there any link/s to the sites usage for terms and conditions. I have accepted but have no idea what they say.

Also I cannot find anywhere on the site to contact Admin.

I am autistic. I must say the info on this site is great but definitely not autistic friendly

14th June 2018, 13:28
Good morning David,

I expect you will get guidance from a moderator in response to yours.

Meanwhile try clicking on the "?" box just after 'advertise' on the tab line below the top banner.


David V

Ron Stringer
14th June 2018, 13:57
If you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will find both a 'Contact' button (which links to the site Admin) and a 'Privacy Statement' button.

Good Luck

14th June 2018, 14:22
Thanks Ron.