Looking for my Dads WWII ship name

25th June 2018, 20:59
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for my Dad's WWII ship name or someone with knowledge on how to find it...websites etc. I thought he was on the USS Ajax, but did some searches and couldn't find his name. His name was John Deveer Passmore and was a Navy 2nd Class Radioman. Served in WWII and Korean war. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Passmore
[email protected]

1st July 2018, 09:56
Hello Michael, I thought by now some of our American correspondents may have tried to respond, they may well have done to your private email which you published, please let us know if you received any leads. It would be very difficult for us 'Aliens' to access information from US Military sources to help you, and the US seems (or appears to have) to help its veterans and their families in tracing relatives.

From previous correspondence, not necessarily on this site, it would appear that the US Coastguard keeps extensive records of all types of seamen be they military or not, have you tried this avenue.

I still have my American issued 'Aliens Landing Card' from the 1950's, hanging on to it just in case we are invaded by aliens as opposed to Orson Welles version of 1938 which caused a bit of a stir at the time, perhaps the aliens will say 'it's alright lads, he's one of us!' when they see it.